White paper Innovation for Associations

Een interessante quote uit een opmerkelijke white paper van Jeff De Cagna:

“Sameness– Sameness is the defining characteristic of the association experience. Associations bring together people who are alike in more ways than they are different: same fields, same jobs and, thus, similar ways of seeing and thinking about the world. Sameness also shapes the typical association value creation process itself: everyone must be treated the same, receive the same benefits and participate in the same activities. Unfortunately, this homogeneous way of being engenders an inherent resistance to radical and disruptive thinking that is very hard to overcome. Innovation thrives in vibrantly imaginative environments filled with diverse experiences, divergent points of view and the creative friction they inspire. The native sameness of associations makes it hard to spark these conditions in the first place, and difficult to sustain over time.”

Link (pdf): http://www.principledinnovation.com/wp-content/uploads/wsaewhitepaper.pdf

Uit Zeppos #17 – 04/05/2011


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