Quote: Time For Associations To Trade In Their Past?

“Traditionally, the trade association has served as a clearinghouse for its members — a not-for-profit entity that enables its members to share knowledge and contacts. Some associations use their membership muscle to lobby Congress for favorable laws or money or tax breaks. Many stage annual conventions where members meet and freely exchange information, ideas and remedies. 

But in this age of teleconferencing and social networking, the game has changed. Through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other websites, professionals stay in touch with each other — and with advances in their fields — around the clock. If they have a special problem, they no longer need to call the association and be connected to someone else with a similar problem — they can just go to the Internet for a solution. And who has the time or money for an annual convention anymore?”

Link  http://www.npr.org

Uit Zeppos #19 – 31/05/2011


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