De toekomst van ‘content’

Een interessant rapport over het belang van ‘content’ binnen een nieuwe omgeving van internet en social media. “Social media has changed the marketing landscape almost beyond recognition. Businesses are now able to connect with audiences in ways that were unimaginable just a few years ago. Content is the currency of marketing communications and effectively creating and distributing compelling information online has never been more important for marketers.”

De conclusie spreekt voor zichzelf: “These are interesting and exciting times for marketers, content needs to now be about coupling compelling content with timely delivery, and social media provides an enormous opportunity for marketing departments to make their mark. Listening is the first step to creating relevant and compelling content and companies need to strike an appropriate balance between using social media to broadcast and using it to listen and therefore engage. Online monitoring can both help to shape engagement strategies and to make ROI a reachable reality, serving as a compass for brands trying to navigate the ever changing online landscape.”

Link (pdf)

Uit Zeppos #18 – 19/05/2011


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