Content curation

Een verenigingsmanager moet meer doen dan louter informatie verzamelen en doorsluizen naar de leden. Hij wordt verwacht om content te filteren, te analyseren, te interpreteren, kortom hij is een curator op zoek naar meerwaarde.

Internetmarketing goeroe Rohit Bhargava omschrijft de job van content curator in zijn Manifesto for the Content Curator als volgt:

“In the near future, experts predict that content on the web will double every 72 hours. The detached analysis of an algorithm will no longer be enough to find what we are looking for. To satisfy the people’s hunger for great content on any topic imaginable, there will need to be a new category of individual working online. Someone whose job it is not to create more content, but to make sense of all the content that others are creating. To find the best and most relevant content and bring it forward. The people who choose to take on this role will be known as Content Curators. The future of the social web will be driven by these Content Curators, who take it upon themselves to collect and share the best content online for others to consume and take on the role of citizen editors, publishing highly valuable compilations of content created by others. In time, these curators will bring more utility and order to the social web. In doing so, they will help to add a voice and point of view to organizations and companies that can connect them with customers – creating an entirely new dialogue based on valued content rather than just brand created marketing messages.”

In een recente blog post heeft hij het over 5 modellen van content curation.

  1. Aggregation is the act of curating the most relevant information about a particular topic into a single location.
  2. Distillation is the act of curating information into a more simplistic format where only the most important or relevant ideas are shared.
  3. Elevation refers to curation with a mission of identifying a larger trend or insight from smaller daily musings posted online.
  4. Mashups are unique curated justapositions where merging existing content is used to create a new point of view.
  5. Chronology is a form of curation that brings together historical information organized based on time to show an evolving understanding of a particular topic.
Uit Zeppos #18 – 19/05/2011

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