Quote: there’s something to be said for the mess

“Your open community is a living, growing, dynamic online ecosystem. It’s messy! There are so many different people, so many different websites, so many different systems that all affect the bigger picture. It’s not realistic to try to choose a single website or platform and expect your entire open community to meet you there. That might work with your most engaged champions, but the whole point of open community is to take a more holistic view of the people who influence and are influenced by your organization. Building community online is about connecting with people. And since passionate people have an irrepressible tendency to self-organize, and no shortage of social tools to use to connect amongst themselves, organizations need to learn to love the messiness of it all.”

(Lindy Dreyer, over de essentie van het boek Open Communities van haar hand ism Maddie Grant)

Uit Zeppos #12, 01/02/2011


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