Europese richtlijnen inzake lobbying

“Before making proposals, the Commission must be aware of new situations and issues developing in Europe and it must consider whether the EU legislation is the best way to deal with them. That is why the Commission consults and is in constant touch with external parties when elaborating its policies. It also consults in the framework of the legislative process, two advisory bodies – the European Economic and Social Committee (representing various socio-economic organisations in Member States) and the Committee of the Regions (made up of representatives of local and regional authorities), and seeks the opinions of national parliaments and governments.

The very objective of consultation is to ensure that interested parties are heard properly in the policy-making process. Consultation with stakeholders at an early stage of policy shaping helps to improve the policy outcome and at the same time enhances the involvement of interested parties and the public at large. Consultation of interested parties thus complements the process of policy shaping.”

Link: Meer info op

Uit Zeppos #12, 01/02/2011


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